Definition of the Western Church:

All the churches that trace their origins to the Western Church which finds its roots in the Western Roman Empire and acknowledges the primacy of the pope. This includes not only Roman Catholics but Protestants as well since for some inexplicable reason they continue to adhere to man made traditions and ignore the Holy Scriptures. The Bible commands us to "come out of her" in Revelation 18:4&5. Our fellowship must be with those who adhere to Scripture and follow God not with those in bondage to Roman culture. A time is coming when the line between those in bondage to Rome through their churches and those who have come out of her and strictly adhere to the teachings of the Bible will be made very apparent. This has been a standard tenet of fundamentalists for 2000 years.

An example of a man made tradition would be the prohibition on marrying cousins or nieces. Nowhere in scripture is this prohibition found, quite the contrary, marriage to cousins and nieces was common throughout scripture. Not only did scripture not prohibit it but marriage to cousins in particular appeared to be a preferred form of marriage. Isaac married his cousin, Rebekah.
(Genesis 24:15) Jacob married his cousins, Leah and Rachael. (Genesis 29:10) These are only the most celebrated examples. Many more cases exist.

All prohibited marital relationships are found in Leviticus 18:1-18 and Leviticus 21:7, 13, & 14 The commands in these verses are written to men so in reading you must understand that when Leviticus 18:14 it says, Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy father's brother, thou shalt not approach to his wife: she is thine aunt. It is a specific command to men not to marry or have relations with their aunt (their paternal uncle's wife) after their uncle has died. A command for this is not required while the uncle lives because adultery is already prohibited as one of the ten commandments and it is not referring to homosexuality because in Leviticus 18:22 homosexuality is forbidden . Marrying any aunt is prohibited but not by this verse but by the preceding two verses Leviticus 18:12, l3 Furthermore, since these commands are written to men; when it says in the above verses, Leviticus 18:12, 13 & 14,  that a man must not marry his aunt it is also saying that a woman must not marry her nephew. In Leviticus 18:14 the command concerns the wife of the uncle not the uncle himself. When it talks about the nakedness of the father's brother it is not referring to the father's brother's very own nakedness but that of his wife. Had a command been written not to marry your niece it would have been as follows: (NOT IN BIBLE -The nakedness of thy sister's daughter shalt thou not uncover: it is thy sister's nakedness. The nakedness of thy brother's daughter shalt thou not uncover: it is thy brother's nakedness.-NOT IN BIBLE) In addition there would have to have been a verse covering your wife's niece as well for she becomes your niece at marriage. No such verse exists. In fact the only relatives of a wife that cannot be married while the wife lives is your wife's sister, daughter and mother. Leviticus 18:17 & 18. The wife's daughter or mother are forbidden before after or during the marriage. The command forbidding it, Leviticus 18:18 did not specify a time frame as in the case of the wife's sister where a marriage can occur after the wife's death.
   Now, while I've got your attention, let me remind you not to, confuse the Old Testament with the Old Covenant. The Old Covenant was talked about in the Old Testament but the Old Covenant was talked about in the New Testament as well. The Old Covenant is not the same as the Old Testament nor is the New Covenant the same as the New Testament. Look at the meaning of the words. Old Testament means Old Testimony or Scripture. Old Covenant means Old Contract. New Testament means New Testimony or New Scripture. New Covenant means New Contract. Now let me make something clear. Neither the words Old Testament or New Testament are to be found anywhere in the Bible! So stop being illogical. Or do you say that an old title to land is the same as the county registry that contains information about that title as well as others. Let's get real! Now that there is a New Covenant we can differ on what that says about the Old Covenant but not about the validity of the Old Testament which contains information about the Old Covenant as well as information about many other subjects. Do not fear abandoning the pagan laws of Rome and abiding by Holy Scripture instead!
   At this point some well meaning but uninformed brother usually brings up the issue of whether or not the Old Testament is valid. (Even though I've already explained it! Like, duh!) So, I'll give the clearest answer we have on this. Jesus considered the Old Testament Holy Scripture and never quoted from the New Testament, only from the Old Testament. If Jesus who is our Lord and Savior accepted the Old Testament as Holy Scripture how dare we do any less!