If you were to ask the average man or woman on the street to define Patriarchal Christianity they'd likely give you a long list of what we are not. In fact, their list would likely include most of the Characteristics of Matriarchal Christianity, the brand of religion taught by the Western Church.

  • Then what is Patriarchal Christianity?

It's one of the world's fastest growing denominations and its teachings are simple: Follow God's Word.

  • Why the name Patriarchal Christianity?

Because in the first centuries following Jesus' resurrection the Western Church began a series of false teachings about marriage which have continued to this day. Those teachings limit the rights of all believers and are in direct opposition to Jesus teachings about marriage and our relationship to the Lord. Using the name Patriarchal Christianity is our way of making it clear that we are not going to put up with the false teachings of the Western Church, the Matriarchal Church, and we are going to clearly set the record straight on what Christian Marriage is and how understanding Christian Marriage helps us understand our Lord.

  • Why the emphasis on marriage?

Because the Lord has used the metaphor of marriage more frequently than any other metaphor in the Bible to describe His relationship with us. If we are to understand these metaphors then we must become experts on the Bible's teachings on marriage. Those teachings on marriage are not only central to our faith but are central to all peoples' daily lives.

  • But hasn't the church taught this?

The Western Church hasn't taught this. That's our point. If you read Philip Schaff's History of the Christian Church you'll find less than 3 pages devoted to the topic of marriage. Keep in mind that Schaff's History of the Christian Church is a 7,120 page, that's 7,120 PAGE, multi-volume monumental work that describes Christianity from Jesus to the 19th century! It is five times the size of the Bible! However, it is not Philip Schaff's History of the Christian Church with which we have a problem, it is the behavior of those in the ministry that is out of step with the Bible. For they have dedicated so little to the study and teaching of marriage that only 3 pages of Philip Schaff's monumental history were required to describe their accomplishments concerning marriage!

  • So how much of the Bible concerns marriage?

The typical Bible is printed with enough words on each page so that it contains 1000 pages. This means that there is an average mention of a marriage related topic on every page of the Bible! That's every page! And we didn't even include the word man or woman in our search on this subject!

We're sure you can think of other marriage and fidelity search words than what we used but you'll find at the in the right column of this page a list of all the words and their number of occurrences.

  • Do the end times concern marriage?

Do you know the biblical definition of whore? If you don't, then you can't understand what the Lord means by the Great Whore of Babylon! Imagine, the most basic of end times prophecies cannot be understood without an understanding, an acceptance, of the Bible's definition of marriage.

It is clearly not possible to understand Christianity without living in accordance with the Biblical definitions of marriage, fornication, adultery, and divorce? The ministers of the Western Church refuse to do this. How few ministers know or teach that a woman cannot divorce her husband, ever!

There are things God wants us to understand about Him through our own relationships and yet what was universally accepted and understood prior to the advent of the popes is no longer talked about in a polite society. It is not considered polite to mention the fact that God pronounced that for women, 'thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee." It has therefore become nearly impossible to understand the Lord through the many metaphors of marriage which He has given us because most do not understand marriage.

Topics for Discussion

  • Can a single woman commit adultery? NO

  • Does sex outside of marriage make us impure? YES

  • What's the definition of adultery? Carnal knowledge between a married woman and a man who is not her husband. The Bible requests the state to impose the death penalty for the man and woman in such cases when there are two witnesses other than the defendants.

  • Can a woman divorce her husband? NO

  • Is comparing your husband unfavorably with other men fornication? YES

  • Can a man divorce his wife for fornication? YES

  • Should women cover their heads when they pray? YES

  • Will the Lord return if there are not 144,000 chaste men to fight with Him? NO, but He can  raise them up if need be and return at any moment. However, why shouldn't we prepare so that He can have us waiting and willing to fight with Him.

  • Is it possible for a non-profit church (government sponsored church) to fully serve the Lord? NO

  • Are non-profit organizations that are NOT churches always bad? NO

  • How can I find out how to be chaste? Read all about it here!

A marriage related topic is mentioned in over 1000 Bible verses. That computes to a one to one ratio of marriage related verses to pages in the Bible.



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Search Term

Occurrences Bible Verses
wife 396 360
wives 133 122
concubine 22 21
concubines 17 16
harlot 40 38
harlots 8 8
whoredom 22 22
whoredoms 32 26
husband 120 104
husbands 19 19
bride 14 14
bridegroom 23 20
betroth 4 3
betrothed 9 9
marry 22 19
marrieth 4 3
marriage 19 18
marriages 3 3
wedding 7 7
divorce 1 1
divorced 4 4
widow 50 49
widows 26 24
adultery 40 33
adulteries 5 5
fornication 36 32
fornications 3 3
prostitute 1 1
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